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North Metro Saw CNC Turning Capabilities

  • CNC Turning Machines At North Metro Saw
    • Mazak QT Nexus 250-MS II CNC twin spindle lathe
    • Hwacheon 2-Axis CNC lathe
  • Additional CNC Turning Services
    • Metal Heat Treating
    • Metal Grinding
    • Metal Plating & Coating
      • Powder Coat Paint
      • Wet Paint
      • Zinc Plating
      • Chromate Plating
      • Hard Coating
    • Custom Packaging

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What is CNC Turning

CNC Turning is the process of taking solid pieces of metal and slowly removing material to obtain a desired shape and or size. The material is removed by applying pressure with a cutting cutting tool while the metal block is turned thus the term "turning".

Is CNC Turning good for high volume production?

Because CNC Turning is a relatively slow process, it's better to use CNC turning to produce limited quanties or prototypes.

What is the difference between cnc milling and cnc turning?

CNC milling differs from cnc turning in that with cnc milling, the part stays in a fixed position while the cutting bit moves around the part where as with cnc turning the cutting bit remains stationary while the part turns.

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North Metro Saw offers CNC turning services within convenient driving distance of the following Minnesota counties:

  • Aitkin, MN
  • Anoka, MN
  • Benton, MN
  • Chisago, MN
  • Hennepin, MN
  • Isanti, MN
  • Kanabec, MN
  • Mille Lacs, MN
  • Morrison, MN
  • Pine, MN
  • Ramsey, MN
  • Sherburne, MN
  • Sterns, MN
  • Todd, MN
  • Washington, MN
  • Wright, MN